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***********************************************************************************Notice:- In order to be able to use AVICSYNC, please make sure you have the latest firmware installed on your AVIC Navigation system. For details, please visit our web site.- The default language is set as "English(UK)". If you use another language, please read the AVICSYNC Operation Manual and install it.- If the downloaded content is too large, it may take a long time for the data to be transferred to your in-car navigation system via the AVICSYNC App. In such cases, you can also synchronize the content using Naviextras Toolbox on your computer and the “SyncTool” menu of the in-car navigation instead.***********************************************************************************AVICSYNC is a dynamic companion App that allows you to connect your compatible smartphone to a compatible Pioneer NEX navigation receiver. Once linked, the NEX navigation receiver uses your compatible smartphone to access information such as contacts, navigation history, planned routes, POI favorites, and even where you parked your vehicle. With AVICSYNC, your NEX navigation receiver can also access Premium connected services* such as real-time local search, weather, traffic, parking, and gas prices ensuring that you’ll have all the information you need to reach your desired destination.  In addition to augmenting your Pioneer NEX in-dash navigation experience, AVICSYNC also works as a standalone navigation app. This means you’ll always have access to Pioneer’s accurate turn-by-turn navigation, even when you’re not in your vehicle. AVICSYNC-compatible models:AVIC-X8610BS AVIC-5000NEXAVIC-6000NEXAVIC-7000NEXAVIC-8000NEXAVIC-5100NEXAVIC-6100NEXAVIC-7100NEXAVIC-8100NEXAVIC-5200NEXAVIC-6200NEXAVIC-7200NEXAVIC-8200NEX  *Premium services require in-app purchase(s).
The cost of data communication depends on the pricing plan of your cellular provider. You are responsible for all communication costs.Please be aware that you may incurr additional roaming charges from your cellular provider by using connected services while abroad.